This past month I've been interning in Brooklyn, New York at a place called The Invisible Dog Arts Center, doing mostly web design and helping out with production. This was my first time in NYC! I loved it, and am possibly thinking about relocating there. .

The video above is a collage of textural footage from NYC, combined with some footage shots of Detroit, and some looks I put together that are inspired by the city. Footage shot by myself, and my girl Megan LaCroix.

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted anything. These past few months have been hectic - I finished my final senior show project, which consisted of five wearable pieces that light up in various forms. I used LED and lighting technology, as well as Arduino platforms to program the light sequences and movement (yes, some of them move!)

Above are the context photos for each garment, taken in an abandoned gas station, and the photo below is from final show in the gallery space! ☆ ☆ The show opening was amazing, so many people came in to see the work. I'm relieved that everything is done and over, and I'm gRaDuAtEd! Official alum of the University of Michigan. But now I'm being shoved into the real world, no more school, no more set track. . It's alarming. I need to find a job. . .

Well, I'm off to NYC (for the first time!) this coming June for an internship at the Invisible Dog, a center for upcoming artists to explore their creative work through working with a community of diverse artists and performers. If anyone is from NYC and knows of some phenomenal places to check out please let me know. I'm in the dark with this one.

More photos to come soon! :)


Did a collaboration with Dahlia Wolf! They made a beautiful romper based on images and drawings I sent to them ;) Great people to work with, and I hope I do more looks with them in the future. 

Catch the romper here: 
And the lookbook:

I miss summer! Ruby and I went to a park near my apartment in Ann Arbor, and found this gorgeous lake, and the sun was setting.. so pretty. In my look, I'm wearing the Night Springs dress from Nasty Gal, Roma Sam Edelman pumps, and NCLA nail wraps :)

Adventures in Detroit from this past week with my friend Nicholas Williams and company:
More from this shoot, and others from this summer very soon. I've been doing shoots like crazy lately. In the images I'm wearing the UNIF Moody sunglasses, Blackmilk clothing's purple Gamer dress, and Jeffrey Campbell Stevie's!

We changed locations mid shoot and we found some old 1960s and 1970s vintage porn someone had dumped in the lot of this old decrepit building. We salvaged as many magazines as we could and threw them in Nick's car, which he was upset about. They were covered in bugs! I plan on collaging some of them, and framing the centerfolds C: 

Back in classes as of.. two weeks ago. I'm mentally and physically exhausted already. I'm in a sound & recording class where we go to Detroit to work with 12th graders and listen to their stories. I'm also taking printmaking, color theory, and a photography class. Lots of art classes! I finally feel like an art student. An exhausted art student.

In spare time on the weekends I've been going to Detroit to take photos for classes, as well as some Lookbook ones. My friend Ruby Tanja took some of me for a project last semester, so here are some of those!

I just finished moving everything back into my apartment: break is officially over. Not sure if I'm excited for classes to start back up, or dreading it. 

Above is a look I did with my friend Brittlyn, who ventured over from South Haven to spend some time with me on New Years Eve, and the following day.

And here are some of the shorts I did! Chaps with suede detail, lucky cats, and orange cats :)